"Home of Sweet Peaches and Sour People"


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    • McConnells’ Farm has been owned and operated by the McConnell family since 1787, making it (we believe) the oldest farm operated by a single family west of the Allegheny Mountains.
    • The original property was made in payment for service by Capt. John B. McConnell in the Revolutionary War. He commanded a militia outside Chambersburg during the war.
    • Nine generations of family members have worked the farm, the newest of whom is six months old (Julia Claire Schaarsmith, granddaughter of co-owner Cal McConnell). The current owners are brothers Ed and Cal McConnell, who raise the peaches themselves.
    • Four generations of the family currently work the farm. The oldest, Anna McConnell, the mother of the current owners, is almost 97 and the youngest, Julia, just turned six months (July 26). Besides owners Ed and Cal, they include Cal’s daughter and son-in-law, Amy McConnell Schaarsmith and Dave Schaarsmith, and Ed’s sons Calvin, Will, Joel and Merle.
    • The farm now consists of 200 acres, much of which is planted as a peach orchard.
    • On the farm, there are more than 4,000 peach trees of more than 50 varieties. About 2,500 of them are of bearing age. (We also raise apples and press raw cider in the fall, and grow corn, tomatoes and other vegetables.)
    • Most people think of Red Havens (ready end of July) when they think of peaches. Everything after them, however, is even better. Some great peaches that might be new to you? Try Glowing Star (mid-August), Jersey Glo (mid-August and after) and Harcrest (end of August).
    • Our peach season usually begins in mid-July and lasts until mid-September.